What The Heck Is Permanent Jewelry?

Jewelry can bring together any outfit.

However, not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of their hair getting wrapped around their earring or the annoying slip and slide game a bracelet tends to do, often falling off and getting lost in the process.

Most people tend to opt for fake and inexpensive jewelry for the sake of saving a few bucks, but what if we told you there was an up and coming, low-maintenance form of jewelry that’s easy on the eyes and pockets?

Ladies and gentlemen, I presen

How Searching Symptoms Online Is Actually Making You Sick

Here we go again.

You’re sitting in front of your computer with beads of sweat on your forehead as you wonder how many people will show up to your funeral. Your slight headache and sensitivity to light has been confirmed as stage four brain cancer according to some chick online who did one year of med school.

No, seriously. You’d be surprised how many people give themselves death sentences by taking matters into their own hands when they start developing weird symptoms. Although the web can co

Not A Fan Of Billy Joel?: Woman Under Fire For Smashing Performer's Piano In Viral TikTok

It’s not uncommon to come across street performers while enjoying a night out. These people are often commemorated for bringing everyone together with their music and charm.

Unfortunately, it’s also common for bitter and entitled Karens to barge in with their nonsense to ruin the vibe. Just ask this TikToker named Andrew.

In a viral video that he uploaded to his TikTok account, @theandrewshoe, a random woman can be seen taunting him as he performed Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” on his piano on the

16 SFW Halloween Costumes To Win The Office Costume Contest

Still contemplating on what you want to be for Halloween this year? Here are 16 ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Pretty straight forward. For this witty costume, simply buy a pack of Smarties candies and attach them all over a pair of pants. You can also choose to glue both sides of each individual piece of candy and attach them to the pants of your choice. Throw on a pair of your biggest, dorkiest glasses and your costume won’t soon disappoint.

While this example is from the trusty W

Why Is Everybody Talking About The Roman Empire On TikTok?!

Curious about what’s trending on TikTok these days?

Here something: A peculiar yet interesting obsession with the Roman Empire. No, really. In recent weeks, the “How do you feel about the Roman Empire?” trend has taken over TikTok. Primarily women are asking their husbands or boyfriends how often they think about the historical period only to receive extremely enthusiastic responses.

People are questioning why something like this is suddenly growing in popularity. Luckily, historian Tom Hollan

This Real Housewives Star Is Under Investigation For Driving Drunk...With Her Dog?

Things are getting a little “ruff” for Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador.

It all started when she had a bit too much to drink and got behind the wheel on September 16th. This unfortunately led to a DUI and hit-and-run arrest after she collided with a residence in Newport Beach, California. The collision left behind pieces of concrete and other debris. Thankfully, no one was critically injured. However, instead of staying on the scene, Beador drove away before leaving her vehi

Investigation Underway For Roomba That Posted Pictures Of Its Owner On The Toilet To Facebook

Since 2002, Roombas have revolutionized the way we keep our floors free of dirt and dust. Over the years, these compact, self-reliant robot vacuums have done nothing but grow in variety and proficiency. In fact, studies show that as of 2019, over 14 million households in the United States own a Roomba.

Roombas have definitely made our lives easier, but what happens when they don’t function as expected?

For this woman, the embarrassing outcome was revealed when pictures of her sitting on the to

Pilot Moves Passengers To Tears With Emotional Speech About Working With Flight Attendant Mom

A mother’s love knows no bounds. Often making sacrifices, one can always count on her devotion to the well-being of her children.

That’s why 31-year-old United Airlines Pilot Cole Doss went the extra mile to express his gratitude for his flight attendant mother, Moya Hagerty Doss, just before their first flight together in two years.

What everyone thought was going to be a normal announcement just before lift off actually turned into a tear-jerking and incredibly wholesome moment that left pas

People Share The Unexpected Reason Why Things Didn't Workout With Their First Love

In the tangled web of love, our first romance often leaves an indelible mark. In this article, individuals from various walks of life reveal the unexpected reasons behind the demise of their first loves, shedding light on the twists and turns that shape the tapestry of our romantic journeys.

She Threw Her Life Away

“In college I met a girl at a mixer named Junie. We were both majoring in Business and I recognized her from one of my afternoon classes. I finally summoned up the courage to just s

People Who Broke Up With Their Ex In A Cruel Way Share How Karma Came Back To Bite Them

It takes guts to acknowledge when we are the toxic ones. Yet and still, no one is a stranger to the power of karma, especially when we deserve it the most. Here, people share the unforgettable moments they were humbled after breaking up with their partners in cruel ways.

“About a decade ago I met this beautiful woman at a bar named Ramona. She was there with a couple of friends while I was there alone after a long day at work. Her group sat next to me at the bar. After a few drinks, she randoml

Cops Reveal The Clever Ways Someone Got Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Navigating the realm of traffic stops, a select few have mastered the art of evading tickets through clever strategies. Here, cops share the ingenious ways these people were able to outwit the law.

All stories have been edited for clarity.

“One night I pulled over a Tesla going fifty miles per hour in a thirty miles per hour zone. To be honest, I was already in a sour mood but couldn’t tell you why to save my life. Still, I knew I had a job to do. I slowly stepped out of my car and approached

Travelers Share The One Stop On A Road Trip That Nearly Ruined Everything

Road trips can be fun, but can also go very wrong, very fast. Being miles away from home during a crisis is everyone’s worst nightmare. Here, people share the craziest thing that happened during a stop that nearly put the entire road trip in jeopardy.

“A year ago my brother was graduating from Army basic training in South Carolina. At the time, I was stationed in Texas, but I wound’t miss my brother’s graduation for the world, so my wife and three sons packed up and made plans for the sixteen h

Sticks and Stones! Teachers Share The Rudest Thing A Student Has Said To Them

Here, teachers recall the diabolical thing a student has ever said to them.

“I’ve been teaching 7th grade Biology for about 3 years now. Last year I became pregnant with my first child and towards the end of the school year I was really showing. It’s no a surprise to me when some of the troubled students have outbursts and act up for attention. Usually I ignore their antics or simply write them up, but one day a student managed to get to me.

He was already my least favorite student for his lac

Workers Share The Best Way They've Gotten Back At A Jerk Customer Without Getting Fired

Have you ever just wanted to teach a customer a lesson but couldn’t out of fear of losing your job? While that’s definitely frustrating, some people just refuse to let unruly customers have the last laugh. Instead, some workers do what they can to rile their feathers without violating the parameters of their company policy and employee code of ethics. Here, workers share the satisfying moment they were able to “get back” at a customer giving them a hard time.

All stories have been edited for cl

People Reveal The Tinder Date That Made Them Delete The App For Good

Dating is unpredictable and out-of-pocket nowadays. With dating apps like Tinder, a world full of virtually inspired dating experiences awaits, but what happens when a Tinder match turns out to be a worst nightmare? Here, people share the one Tinder date that made them take a long break from virtual dating apps. Perhaps for good.

All stories are edited for clarity.

“I met a girl on Tinder a few years back. We had been texting back and forth for about a week before we planned a day to ‘link up.

Frustrating Moments Baristas Have Had With Snooty Customers

Behind the bustling counters of coffee shops, baristas often face encounters with snobby and vexing customers. From demanding customized orders to condescending remarks, these coffee artists navigate a challenging landscape with grace and humor. This article delves into the world of baristas, showcasing their experiences in dealing with the complexities of customer interactions.

Why Are You Bothered?

“I worked at a mom and pops coffee shop in Colorado. I used the income to support me while I w

Bystanders Call Out The Most Absurd Adult Tantrum They've Witnessed In Public

Did that really just happen? You never know how close to the end people are until they snap. Unfortunately, it almost always happens in public. Here, people share the time an adult had a full blown tantrum for the whole world to see.

All stories have been edited for clarity.

What Do You Know?

“I was waiting in line at an auto parts store. The guy in front of me set down an alternator and asked the clerk for a water pump. The clerk was naturally confused and asks about the alternator. The guy

Concert-Goers Share The Worst Event They Ever Attended

From chaotic meltdowns to epic fails, concert-goers reveal their most unforgettable and cringe-worthy moments in this jaw-dropping collection of their worst concert experiences.

All stories are edited for clarity.

“In 2006 we went to Lollapalooza to see Queens of the Stone Age and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Now the concert itself was pretty great, but the festival experience was awful. Queens was playing right before the Red Hot Chili Peppers, My friend, his girlfriend, and I decided we wante

I Don’t Get Paid Enough For This: Fast Food Employees Reveal The Most Absurd Request From A Customer

In the world of fast food, workers often find themselves at the receiving end of peculiar and bewildering customer requests. From outlandish burger customizations to bizarre condiment combinations, these brave employees have seen it all. Get ready to delve into the entertaining and sometimes baffling tales of dumb customer requests in the fast food industry.

All stories have been edited for clarity.

“There’s this one regular customer who tests my patience every single week. He comes in with hi

Parents Reveal Why They Cut Their Own Child Out Of Their Lives

In the realm of family dynamics, the decision to disown a child is an unfathomable choice that can leave lasting scars on all parties involved. This article delves into the intricate web of emotions, circumstances, and difficult decisions that lead parents to sever ties with their own flesh and blood.

All stories have been edited for clarity.

“Growing up in a small suburban town, my family seemed like any other. My older brother has always been a dreamer and loves playing video games. As my
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